UvA special issues (1): political journalism

16 Mar

Both the Communication and the Sociology departments at the UvA have recently contributed to a special issue of scholarly journals. In a forthcoming post I will present the Sociology contribution.

To begin with, here is Communication:
Claes de Vreese, Professor and Chair of Political Communication and Scientific Director of ASCoR (Amsterdam School of Communication Research), has edited, with colleagues Frank Esser from the University of Zürich and Jesper Strömbäck from the Mid Sweden University, a special issue (Feb 2012) of Journalism on Studying Political News: Towards a Standardization of Core Concepts.

The featured articles, by a group of international scholars, discuss a variety of topics in political journalism, ranging from negativity in news to political balance in news, the latter being introduced (p. 241), among others, by well-known issues (at least, to an Italian living in the Netherlands) as «a lack of balance […] in the light of ownership concentration» with regard to Italy, and «a never-ending debate about the so-called ‘liberal media bias’ supposedly caused by left-leaning journalists» in the case of The Netherlands.

Photo: Harper’s Weekly from October 31st, 1874 (Not So Easily Taken In) belongs to the digital collections of the Cornell University Library.


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