Online multimedia: Internet Archive & EUscreen

26 Mar

Promoting (University) Libraries or providing Library services has been relying more and more on the use of audio-visual aids: just have a look on Youtube at the inspiring materials produced by the Arizona State University (among the Library Minutes, the one on Academic Search Premier is highly reccomended) or by the Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit at the Brigham Young University (the beautiful video on Book Repair).

Being copyright issues a major concern for Libraries – both as part of general copyright policy at universities and as part of information literacy activities – it is of the greatest value for our work as academic librarians that a number of open access sources are available for audio-visual aids.

The Internet Archive is an American non-profit initiative whose «purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format». Access to a wide range of resources, amongst them audio and video, is «granted for scholarship and research purposes only»: take a look at the Terms of Use and any further information provided about the authors and their agreeing to share openly their material.

EUscreen «aims to promote the use of television content to explore Europe’s rich and diverse cultural history. It will create access to over 30,000 items of programme content and information» from 20 different countries. From Arts and culture to Work and production a number of different topics can be searched through the open access portal.

Next to providing their own share of television programmes, The Netherlands are also supplying both the EUscreen project co-ordinator, Sonia de Leeuw (Utrecht University), and technical director, Johan Oomen (Beeld en Geluid, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision). Reason enough, together with my own affiliation with the University of Amsterdam, for choosing a Dutch tv-programme to accompany this post: Open het dorp from 1962, «the first 24-hour non-stop charity […] for the benefit of the “Stichting Open het Dorp (Open the village) who wanted to open a village especially designed for physically disabled persons»).


2 Responses to “Online multimedia: Internet Archive & EUscreen”

  1. zeemanspraat 26 March 2012 at 10:49 #

    Dag Stefano, ik kan het niet nalaten toch ook nog wat extra aandacht te vragen voor de prachtige selectie gartis en voor niets te raadplegen (audio-) visuele webbronnen die is samengesteld door Ruurd Bakker. Bereikbaar via de video-site van de UvA.

    • cwbibliotheek 26 March 2012 at 12:54 #

      Dank je Bert, for the welcome addition of the UvA’s own portal to websites offering online access to audio and video resources.

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