Amsterdam Social Science (& the UvA-Library)

24 Apr

Amsterdam Social Science is the open access quarterly published by students of the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam and at the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the VU University. The peer-reviewed articles and essays are written by MA and PhD students with «the aim to interest students for each other’s work and to give young researchers a free and independent platform to present and discuss their findings». Published last month, the latest issue addresses such different topics as:
– the representations of women, whether as terrorists, popular figures in present-day Indonesian cinema or character in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”;
migration seen by international students;
war in Africa;

The variety of subjects dealt with in the journal gives an excellent opportunity to have a quick look at what the UvA-Library collections have to offer with regard to:

women and their representations; among the titles to be found by searching the Library catalogue (All fields= wom*n AND All fields= representation OR image), there is the scholarly book
Women, advertising and representation: beyond familiar paradigms, published by the Hampton Press in 2010;

– as for international students and migration, two e-books by Palgrave (2011) – Global Migration, Ethnicity and Britishness and Student Mobilities, Migration and the Internationalization of Higher Education – are retrieved by the following catalogue search query: (Subject= students OR All fields= “international students”) AND (Subject= migration OR Subject= migrants);

– when searching for ‘war’ AND ‘Africa’ (both terms as Subject), the catalogue will retrieve 21 titles, among which the 2011 Polity book War & conflict in Africa;

Kosovo (catalogue searched for Subject= Kosovo), namely the NATO military intervention of 1999, is dealt with in A Critical Humanitarian Intervention Approach, a Palgrave e-book of 2011.

Should you want to learn more about searching for literature, whether in the UvA-Library catalogue or elsewhere, or about using search operators (brackets, quotation marks, asterisk, AND/OR etc.) take a look at the UvA-Library homepage, both for online demo’s or for asking the librarians (UBAcoach).

Book covers from Google books.


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