E-books : the revenge

16 May

After an absence from my blog which has been longer than I expected or wished for, I take the liberty of an associative cinematographic title to address briefly again (see the ‘first episode’ from december 2010) the topic of how to use e-books.

Supplier Dawsonera‘s lately renovated website has namely given me the opportunity for rewriting the demo I made in 2010 to help users getting familiar with (Dawsonera’s) digital books.

Having the slides’ number dropped from eighteen in 2010 to eleven today, I guess this must say something about my powerpoint/summarizing skills and/or about Dawsonera’s improved interface: gladly I do leave the arduous verdict to posterity («Ai posteri l’ardua sentenza»), to quote from 19th Century Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni’s ode Il cinque maggio (May the Fifth, vv. 31-32), by which I’m also able to end the post with books whereas I started with movies.

P.S.: next to what the demo explains, access restrictions to e-books are possible off-campus. If you are UvA-student or staff, please check the UvA-library site for information on off-campus access.


One Response to “E-books : the revenge”

  1. cwbibliotheek 8 August 2013 at 10:01 #

    As from August 1st is Dawsonera compatible with e-readers and tablets as well.

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