My name is Stefano Giani, I come from Milano (Italy) and I have been working since 2002 at the Library of the University of Amsterdam. Since May 2010 I am Information specialist for Communication studies and since January 2011 I am in charge of Sociology as well. You can find my contact information at http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/s.giani/

The main purpose of this blog is to collect:

1) answers to library-related questions (searching/finding/evaluating information) which are relevant for Communication studies and Sociology;

2) links to news from the library and/or academic world which can be interesting for Communication studies and Sociology;

3) feedback from students, faculty and librarians on the above ‘collected items’ and on any (macroscopic or unintentionally funny) abuse I, not being a native speaker, may inflict to the English language.

Benvenuti Welkom Welcome!

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